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Our Vision

Use blockchain technology for secure connectivity. Our innovative solution will enable communication and collaboration across networks. We aim to be a trusted provider of connectivity solutions.

We aim to provide high-level online security and privacy for our clients and users. With our team’s expertise and state-of-the-art technology, we ensure the protection of your personal information from unauthorized access or disclosure. Trust and confidentiality are essential to us.

As an independent operator, we prioritize maintaining the confidentiality of all information and thus strictly refrain from sharing any data.

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Your Path to Ownership

Discover a unique way to own a piece of MY.TOWN with our NFT shares. Each NFT is your key to a share of the MY.TOWN ecosystem, and we offer two exciting options:

  1. NFT = 100 Shares: Perfect for those looking to start their MY.TOWN journey with a solid stake.

  2. NFT = 1000 Shares: For the avid investors and enthusiasts, this option offers a deeper connection to MY.TOWN’s growth.

In total, we’re connecting 12,500 shares to NFTs, ensuring that there’s an opportunity for everyone to become a part of our vibrant community. Explore our NFT options and embark on a journey of ownership and growth with MY.TOWN.

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